IMAGINE a Decarcerated America

JustLeadershipUSA is dedicated to cutting the US correctional population in half by 2030


We educate and advocate for the
elimination of wasteful and ineffective
policies that have led to mass incarceration.

Our democracy got us here and our democracy can get us out! Four decades of ineffective criminal justice policies have affected more than 60 million Americans and made us all less safe. Taking the lead in NYC and on the federal level, and working to support JLUSA leaders in their state-based advocacy, we are partnering with allies and members from across the US to eliminate the overuse of correctional supervision in the US.


We identify and invest in effective
and successful formerly incarcerated
advocacy leaders from across the US.

People closest to the problem are closest to the solution! For JLUSA's Leading with Conviction and Emerging Leaders Trainings, we identify formerly incarcerated leaders who are already engaged in impactful criminal and juvenile justice reform work. With your support, we invest in them, expose them to new networks and resources, and build their capacity to be stronger leaders.


We build, support and engage
our national membership to
server as a base for reform.

There's power in numbers! Changing our nation’s criminal justice system can only happen with the support of thousands of active members from across the US. JLUSA’s ability to achieve the goal of cutting the correctional population in half by 2030 lies in the strength of our individual and organizational membership. #halfby2030