Meet Jennifer Rodriguez & Chris Kimmenez – 2018 Leading with Conviction Fellows

“I spent my childhood in foster care and I was in and out of the juvenile justice system from the time I was twelve years old, often because a more suitable placement couldn’t be found.” The way children are pushed from foster care to juvenile and adult justice systems has not been given enough attention. […]

Meet Steven Mangual & Robin Vander Wall – 2018 Leading with Conviction Fellows

“I served 14 years in New York State prisons, and it was while I was incarcerated in the Woodbourne Correctional Facility that I discovered my passion for learning and for activism.” The year was 1996, and I met a group of older men who were lifers and long-termers.  They were involved with the New Prison […]

A New Normal in Philadelphia: A Dispatch from the Field

By Reuben Jones, JLUSA’s Philadelphia Campaign Coordinator The Philadelphia that I grew up in was a very tough place for its African American residents.  In the late 1960s-early 1970s Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo, who famously said, “If the prisons are crowded, if we need more prisons, let’s build them,” ruled the Black community with an […]

Ending the Gang Database in New York City

Vidal Guzman — #CLOSErikers organizer at JustLeadershipUSA and Harlem’s own — breaks down the trauma of gang raids, the lasting impact on communities, and why the NYPD gang database must be destroyed. The #CLOSErikers Campaign, with its grassroots partners, continues to call on Mayor de Blasio to reduce the jail population and shutter the horrific jail complex on […]

The Sleeping Giant

On May 17th, the Louisiana State Legislature signed H.B.-265 restoring the right to vote to people on parole and probation, reversing a law on the books for over 40 years. The new law will impact the nearly 70,000 people now under community supervision. JLUSA Fair Hiring Project Coordinator Megan French-Marcelin sat down with Norris Henderson, […]