Meet Chandra Bozelko & James Monteiro – 2018 Leading with Conviction Fellows

“I am a columnist, writing and publishing stories about a wide range of criminal justice reform issues.” I’ve carved out an area in thought leadership, so my advocacy comes in challenging assumptions and encouraging people to think really hard about the issues that confront us as a movement.  For example, there is a clash of […]

Meet Jennifer Rodriguez & Chris Kimmenez – 2018 Leading with Conviction Fellows

“I spent my childhood in foster care and I was in and out of the juvenile justice system from the time I was twelve years old, often because a more suitable placement couldn’t be found.” The way children are pushed from foster care to juvenile and adult justice systems has not been given enough attention. […]

Meet Steven Mangual & Robin Vander Wall – 2018 Leading with Conviction Fellows

“I served 14 years in New York State prisons, and it was while I was incarcerated in the Woodbourne Correctional Facility that I discovered my passion for learning and for activism.” The year was 1996, and I met a group of older men who were lifers and long-termers.  They were involved with the New Prison […]

A New Normal in Philadelphia: A Dispatch from the Field

By Reuben Jones, JLUSA’s Philadelphia Campaign Coordinator The Philadelphia that I grew up in was a very tough place for its African American residents.  In the late 1960s-early 1970s Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo, who famously said, “If the prisons are crowded, if we need more prisons, let’s build them,” ruled the Black community with an […]

Ending the Gang Database in New York City

Vidal Guzman — #CLOSErikers organizer at JustLeadershipUSA and Harlem’s own — breaks down the trauma of gang raids, the lasting impact on communities, and why the NYPD gang database must be destroyed. The #CLOSErikers Campaign, with its grassroots partners, continues to call on Mayor de Blasio to reduce the jail population and shutter the horrific jail complex on […]

The Sleeping Giant

On May 17th, the Louisiana State Legislature signed H.B.-265 restoring the right to vote to people on parole and probation, reversing a law on the books for over 40 years. The new law will impact the nearly 70,000 people now under community supervision. JLUSA Fair Hiring Project Coordinator Megan French-Marcelin sat down with Norris Henderson, […]