On any given day, 25,000 New Yorkers are caged in county jails across the state. The abuse that occurs in these jails is rampant. Human rights violations, racial disparity, violence, and medical neglect are commonplace. Shockingly, 67% of the people in New York's jails have not been convicted. They are legally innocent but caged in county jails because of New York’s broken bail, speedy trial and discovery laws. This is a mockery of justice.

The #FREEnewyork campaign was formed in 2017 to achieve real solutions to New York's statewide jail crisis. Led by JustLeadershipUSA, in partnership with directly impacted communities, ​ organizations, ​and ​faith leaders from across the state, #FREEnewyork is building grassroots power and the leadership of New Yorkers most harmed by incarceration, and demanding bold legislative action and fundamental change to New York’s criminal justice system. ​We can no longer settle for compromise measures or partial ​solutions​.

TRUE REFORM is bold and comprehensive. It protects against collateral consequences. And it is defined by impacted communities and the outcomes that it achieves.

#FREEnewyork demands overhaul of bail, speedy trial & discovery laws and ​an end to New York's ​jail crisis.

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Katie Schaffer, #FREEnewyork Statewide Organizer: katie@justleadershipusa.org

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