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JustLeadershipUSA was founded on the principle that systemic change can happen with a strong base of active members from across America. Current policies such as the “war on drugs,” “three strikes,” and “truth-in-sentencing” are wasteful and ineffective. Recent trends of responding to America’s at-risk youth with tough sanctions, adult-type punishments and incarceration squanders the potential and human capital of entire generations. Both progressives and conservatives agree that our nation can do better. By becoming a member of JustLeadershipUSA, you will join thousands of Americans in taking action to eliminate these archaic laws, rebuild the families and communities they have torn apart and make America safer and stronger.

Our ability to achieve the goal of #halfby2030 lies in the strength of our membership. Our members are organizing campaigns, attending events and taking action! Being a member means being an agent for change.

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Our members are people that view our broken justice system as a threat to our democracy including people who are currently or formerly incarcerated, organizations and engaged citizens like you from all across America.



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As a citizen, I want us to fulfill the promises and rights established in our Constitution. Our country’s investment in incarceration has come at a heavy price, one incumbent upon us to question and challenge.

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A decarcerated America is important to me because people who have been incarcerated face institutionalized barriers to higher education, employment, and the ballot. I believe all people should have access to high quality education.

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The Osborne Association
The Osborne Association is proud to stand in partnership with JustLeadershipUSA as we raise the voices of people, families and communities affected by incarceration. JLUSA's #halfby2030 mission is a movement that we believe is critically overdue. ---Elizabeth Gaynes, Executive Director


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