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By becoming a member of JustLeadershipUSA, you will stand up against harmful laws, rebuild the families and communities they have torn apart, and make America stronger. In order to achieve our #halfby2030 goal, our members are organizing campaigns and events to raise awareness of the issues surrounding incarceration. Being a member means being an agent for change.

  • Receive a free JLUSA t-shirt.
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  • Take advantage of discounted rates for some events, including our Annual Leading with Conviction Fall Benefit.
  • Sponsor a free membership for someone who is currently incarcerated through additional gifts.
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  1. Become an integral and active partner in a national #halfby2030 decarceration movement.
  2. Receive periodic Action Alerts on relevant policy reforms in the #halfby2030 movement.
  3. Receive periodic criminal justice news updates.
  4. Have your logo and a hyperlink posted on our website, taking advantage of our highly visited website to tell others what you do.
  5. Have your organization promoted via our active social media platforms.
  6. Have the opportunity to share info about your work with our Leading with Conviction Cohorts, representing the four regions of the US.
  7. Have the opportunity to take advantage of using the unique JLUSA organizational member logo on your website and promotional materials.
  8. Receive 10% discounted tickets to our Annual Leading with Conviction Fall Benefit.
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